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22 Middle Third
Killester, Dublin

Sharing the Love

As someone who has become disabled in recent years, finding Laura and Dru yoga has changed my life. I now feel back in touch with my body as I knew it both physically and spiritually.

The class is super friendly, open and positive. It can be as challenging or comfortable as you choose to make it and if you are struggling with a pose, Laura always has an alternative option for you.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this class to anyone of any level, it is a joy.
— Susan

This is a great Dru yoga class and Laura is a truly wonderful teacher and inspiring facilitator. She not only takes us through her wide portfolio of physical postures and exercises but she also creates a highly mindful and relaxing atmosphere — making her class a must-do event each week.
— P.P.
I started Dru yoga with Laura to help me relax and regenerate my body. To ease tired muscles and release outdated belief systems.

What I experienced was a caring intuitive holistic healing class that guided me inward on a journey of self discovery. The emphasis on tuning into how I am feeling increased my awareness and body mind connection.

A beautiful life enhancing class!
— Una
I started the Dru Yoga class with Laura after being in a Car Accident & unable to go to my weekly hatha yoga class. I found Dru yoga a gentler type of yoga & was such a blessing to find this class at a difficult time in my life. Laura is so much more than a yoga teacher & really takes an interest in you as a person, her advice & support for the last 9 months has been invaluable & something I will always be grateful to her for. I am now back at my other yoga class but continue with the Dru as I enjoy the class so much I couldn’t imagine not going.
— Louise
I attended Laura’s pre-natal yoga class when I was pregnant with my first child. The class was simply beautiful. The yoga was gentle enough for a heavily pregnant mum to be to enjoy and relax in, but beneficial enough to help with the labour. Laura’s friendly and gentle nature meant it was easy to remember the breathing techniques and yoga poses which helped thoroughly with labour. In fact, after the little one arrived, the midwife asked me what I had done to have such a good labour and when I told her yoga, she said tell all your friends. So I am. Lauras prenatal yoga class is wonderful and Laura herself is wonderful too.
— Nicola