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Sound & Silence Feedback

It was so lovely to spend the afternoon with you yesterday.  I am planning to do more of these workshops in the future, and as always I love feedback.

As this was my first time to teach one of these blended- bowls & bolsters workshops I would LOVE your feedback.  I would also be grateful if you could provide a testimonial which I can use to promote future events.


As a little thank you for taking the time and energy to give your feedback / testimonial I have recorded a special 'getting present' meditation for you, which is accompanied by some of the bowls (the muladhara bowl- helping us feel safe, secure and grounded in our world, the heart bowl to encourage our hearts to open and flourish to live from a space of love, and the ajna bowl for foresight and clarity).

Thank you for your support and enabling me to transform my dreams in reality.

With Love

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