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Yoga & Sacred Sound

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This class will be a unique fusion of gentle yoga and sacred sound to support you in raising your vibrational energy, whilst nurturing and enabling your unique healing process.  When we work with chanting mantras, singing bowls, solfeggio tones and gongs the resonance absorbs inwards supporting our cells to reprogram and remember their innate vibration.


Through use of sacred sound and movement we begin to shed the dense heavier energy of daily life, thus rising our vibrational energy, allowing us to effortlessly attract higher frequency people and experiences into our lives.


This combination of sacred practices have the potential to support you in making transformational change, in a gentle sustainable way.

Each class is unique but will include a combination of yogic movement and sacred sound- chanting of sacred mantras with harmonium (kirtan), sound baths with singing bowls, solfeggio tones and gongs.  Classes will finish with a deep relaxation to support your healing process, and encourage your physical, energetic, emotional, thought and subconscious layers to move back into a deeper space of harmony within.

No experience of music or sound is required to participate in this class, just an open heart.

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NEXT Class 23rd of August from 6.15 - 7.15pm in River Holistic, Raheny.


Refund & booking conditions can be found HERE

From September 2017.

Where: River Holistic Raheny

When: Wednesdays from 6.15 - 7.15pm. Next 4 week term will commence in September 2017, or join the mailing list HERE to be kept up to date with pop up classes over the summer months.

Cost: €55 per 4 week term or €16 drop in (space dependent)

Places will be limited to 8 people and must be pre-booked.