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Group Programs

A Journey Through The Chakras is a unique 3 part workshop in which to explore your understanding and knowledge of the chakras.  During these workshops we will explore the seven main chakras or energy centres based along the spine through yoga, meditation & coaching.

Chakras relate to the energetic parts of our being, yet they can be identified in the many ways in which we unconsciously choose live our daily lives.

Throughout this 3 part workshop we will explore each chakra, how it shows up in your life, whilst learning to strengthen your energetic being through yoga, meditation & coaching tools.  

These technique can then act like a toolbox to support your journey through life. 

24th of September from 2-6pm: Mooladhara (1st)  & Swadhisthana (2nd) chakras

25th of October from 2-6pm: Manipura (3rd) & Anahata (4th)

19th of November from 2-6pm: Vishuddhi (5th), Ajna (6th) & Sahasrara (7th)

In River Holistic Centre, Raheny, Dublin 5

Places are limited to 8 people.

Are you feeling exhausted, tired, unmotivated, stressed out, burnt out, fed up or disconnected?

Welcome to your tribe my dear friend!

I continuously hear people saying ‘I’m just exhausted’, ‘It’s just my busy time in work’ ‘I’m stressed out with work / family’ ‘I feel disconnected and disheartened’ ‘Is this IT???’. So that’s why I’ve created this course to get you back on track, and by that, I mean YOUR track. 

To Nourish Your Soul and reconnect you with the essence of who you are at your core, the person who you may have lost in the busyness of life. 

This course is designed to empower you to identify your burn out and stress patterns whilst connecting you back to who you are at your core essence, to enable you to shine brightly and to finally start living a life you love.

During this four week program I will teach you the tools which have been proven to decrease stress, and increase happiness and connection to who it is you are.

The teachings I draw upon have deep rooted foundations in yoga, meditation, coaching and EFT /   Tapping.  The tools and techniques you learn on this four week course have the power to transform your life and to enable you to manage stressful situations in a way that is more aligned with who you are.

 We will spend two hours per week together, learning and experiencing the tools and technique which have the power to transform your life in a small group of 6 people.

Each week you will receive handouts which are filled with thought provokers, to enable you to become more aware of your patterns and behaviours which might be limiting you from reaching your full potential of who you know you are at your core.

This course is all about you, so you get to decide how deep you go, how much of a transformation you want but remember, the more you put into this course the more you will benefit from it.

Having personally spent the last ten years of my life on a healing journey, I have explored and implemented all of the techniques from this course into my own daily life.  As result I can now manage six out of my seven chronic illnesses exclusively by how I live my daily life.

I understand what it’s like to feel stressed, to flap about in the burnout bucket, to work 60 – 75 hour weeks, but not anymore.  I have dedicated most of my adult life to learning as much as I can about wellness, stress reduction and reconnecting with the light within me.  During this four week course I intend to impart this knowledge on to you during our time together.

I hold qualifications in yoga & meditation, an advanced diploma in personal & executive coaching, certificates in EFT and Gabrielle Bernstein's Spirit Junkie Masterclass training, to name just a few.

I work in a holistic way with clients, to enable them to get their head, heart and health back on track.

For more information visit my sister company Love Your Life.