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Connecting With The Elements

Through our busy lives we can easily become disconnected from nature and its elements as we spend an increasing amount of time indoors.  Once we become consciously aware of how the elements of fire, water, earth, air and ether impact and interact in our life we can begin to actively create a life that is attuned to the elements, which will support us in living in harmony and flow.

Throughout this workshop we will work with postures, sequences, mudras, breath work and meditation to support your re-connection to the elements.

This workshop will also include a Dru Nidra relaxation to support you in connecting with the power of relaxation.

This workshop is open to everyone regardless if you are a beginner or more experienced student, as modifications will be given throughout.

Handouts will be available to participants so you can understand how the elements connect with the chakras, your ayurvedic doshas, how to recognise if they are in excess or depleted and most importantly what to do about it.


Places for this workshop will be limited to 14 people and must be pre-booked / pre-paid.

When: Sunday 10th of September from 3 - 5pm

Where: River Holistic Centre, Raheny

Investment: €30

Bookings though Paypal or call Laura on 085 8225450

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