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22 Middle Third
Killester, Dublin

Dru Yoga & Meditation

Within this class we will explore a DRU Energy Block Release sequence to help elevate any blocked energy within the body, and to prepare the body for sitting comfortably.

Exploring a variety of pranyama (breath work) practices we activate the para sympathetic nervous system to enable you to return to a natural relaxed state of being.

Our meditations will focus on the Kosha (different layers of being) through which we experience our day to day life.

Meditation has been known to help reduce anxiety, stress and build inner resilience.

DRU Yoga & Meditation classes are suitable for everyone from complete beginners to more advanced students. 


Structure of this class:

- Activations to warm and wake up the body

- Energy Block Release Sequence- to help release tension and prepare the body for sitting

- Deep Relaxation- to relax, restore and refresh your body in preparation for meditation

- Pranayama- breath work to isolate different body parts and enable you to move your awareness inwards

- Meditation- learn tools and techniques to move into a deeper layer of your being, and experience the true stillness which lies within.