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Corporate Classes

Are you interested in having an 'in-house' yoga class at your workplace?

As an employer facilitating yoga and meditation classes in your workplace can help to support the health and well-being of your team, and we all know that a happy, healthy team can contribute to a really successful business.

Stress is a huge factor in our society, and often work can be a big stress trigger for people.  Research in Ireland has identified that "back pain and stress are the biggest causes of absenteeism recorded on medical certificates."

Stress can reduce productivity as the body and mind are both effected by stress hormones such as cortisol being released in the body as a result of a stressful situation, or fear based belief.  

how can workplace yoga help?

Providing yoga within your workplace, offers employees the opportunity to include a class within their day, because lets face it time is precious and we spend about one third of our day working, so wouldn't it be great to include some yoga during this time?

Research published in the Journal of Occupational Medicine completed by Bangor University found in eight weeks Dru yoga can reduce perceived stress and lower back pain.  The image above illustrates the students who completed weekly classes (white) and the control group who did not complete yoga (purple).  More information and research on Dru yoga and meditation can be found here.

When Do classes take place?

Classes can be organised for a variety of different times depending on your workplaces needs, I come to you and teach in your space.  You decide the length of the class, and I work to your needs.  Classes can be after work or during lunch time.

How DO i book yoga classes for my workplace?

A range of different options are available dependent on your needs, the size of your workforce, and the length of the class required.